evelyn luu
graphic designer

Your Center


Located at ArtCenter College of Design, the Writing Center is a Humanities & Science department. The Writing Center provides individualized support and guidance in writing development through collaborative peer to peer coaching.

Design in collaboration with Rebecca Brown.

Installed by Evelyn Luu, Rebecca Brown, Taytum Blake, Reuben Merringer, & Diane Lac.

During my time at ArtCenter, I became a writing coach where I work with other students through peer to peer mentoring.

I discovered that writing was a tool for me to express myself and to learn from others.

In result, the design of the mural is inspired by the process of revisions and proofreading essays.

We wanted to emphasize that the space is dedicated for all students, despite their skill level in writing. So we ended up with the statement, “This is Your Writing Center”.

Because the concept is about writing, the mural design is typographically driven.