evelyn luu
graphic designer


book design

One of the fundamental principles in Buddhism is the teaching of impermanence; that life will continue to evolve with or without any action. As we begin to understand the concept of ‘letting go,’ whether it is about people, objects or even your ego, Buddhism reminds us to be aware of our actions in a world where life is constantly changing.

In a society of consumption and war, Buddhism has always found its way through the cracks and offers a needed perspective of mindfulness. From activism, to counterculture, to science, impermanence is found in many aspects of life. Even this page you are reading.

book specs:
8 in. x 10 in. 
304 pages

The visual identity of the book translates the concept of duality and change in Buddhism.

Splitting the contents into two sections, I added a smaller book including a poem by Thích Nhat Hanh. The poem describes impermanence, using paper as a metaphor for change. By emphasizing this message, it demonstrates that this book is also impermanent. 

After going through the teachings of Buddhism, the signature signifies the change of the book, leading to chapters on how Buddhism exists in the contemporary world.

Following the book, I created an outdoor installation inspired by Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags.

Pioneered by Thích Nhat Hanh, I wanted to create a visual aid of flags for viewers during a meditation walk. Each flag measures to 16 in. x 20 in. panels, with a total of 20 flags.