evelyn luu
graphic designer

Our Home

spatial design

Our Home is a mural located at the 1111 lobby of the South Campus at ArtCenter College of Design. After the challenges of the pandemic, Josse Slater and I were inspired to design a space to encourage an in-person community at ArtCenter again. 

︎︎︎watch us create the mural

Designed by Josse Slater and Evelyn Luu.

Installed by Becky Seo, Rebecca Brown, Ruben Griggs, Rachael Chan, Kelly Chen, Sean Nagao, Josse Slater and Evelyn Luu.

A short throw projector and the MadMapper program was used to project the design onto the space. We matched swatches to Benjamin Moore paint and planned the layering process for the mural. Vinyl was used to apply small type.

While reflecting on the journey of self-discovery that many students go through during their time at school, we wanted the design to be positive and energetic. The installation process took about two weeks with a team of seven installers.

Following the completion of the mural, a school event was hosted to celebrate the start of the Fall 2022 semester. To keep the momentum of being back in-person, the party invited students, faculty, and instructors for an evening of community. The event was hosted at the mural lobby, the school hub where students usually mingle and work together.

I designed social media assets and tote bags which were distributed at the party.