evelyn luu
graphic designer

Safe Spaces 

book design

Source Material is student-led publication dedicated to showcasing work that celebrates multidisciplinary collaboration and challenges traditional, institutionalized design.

The fourth issue, Safe Spaces, invites readers to take a glimpse into the shared and authentic moments of what a safe space may mean to others. This issue explores the concept of any safe space, whether digital or physical, person or place.

Editorial Team: Aldon Chen, Evelyn Luu, Jaiwon Lee, Nick Rheem, Rebecca Brown, Sahar Habashi, Sean Nagao

The editorial team and I planned and hosted workshops for attendees to produce artwork and writing for the publication. 

To develop the narrative of the book, I conceptualized the sequence of the chapters with planned in-person workshops held by SM. We asked attendees fives questions about their safe spaces and used those leading points to organize the content throughout the book.

For the production of the book, I worked with our local printer, El Sereno Graphics, to create 600 issues. The editorial team packaged these publications with a laser-cut acrylic key Editor Aldon Chen designed. These publications were given out to attendees at the Safe Spaces release event.