evelyn luu
graphic designer

RYSE Hotel

web design

Located in Seoul, Korea, RYSE Hotel is a hub for traveling artists, designers, and creatives. The hotel is specifically located in the neighborhood of Hongdae, where underground culture of music and the arts is prevalent. 

Inspired by the mirrored windows of the hotel’s architecture, the visual identity is created to show RYSE as a reflection of its community and environment.

The logo is designed to have multiple configurations; the second tier of logos offer a second layer of analog graphics to demonstrate the unapologetic expression of Hongdae.

The hotel lookbook covers an art collective group, Dadaism Club. The book is in two languages, Korean and English.

By applying the concept of reflection to the design, the reader can flip the entire book to read the text in their desired language. Changing the orientation in the middle of publication challenges the traditional way of approaching a book, like the expressive and bold nature of Hongdae.

Graphically, the solid blocks from the logo is used as a framing device; representing as windows for the readers to have a glimpse into RYSE’s artistic and youth culture. 

While approaching the website, I wanted to focus on RYSE’s culture of working with various art forms.

For the digital platform, I created a generative design tool on p5.js to incorporate into the hotel’s website. Visitors are able to create their own art composition and customize their stay.